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About Us

The Polymers, Surfaces, and Interfaces (PSI, ψ) group is focused on using polymers to address some of the key challenges in the areas of renewable energy and environmental science.

Particular areas of interest include:

  • Superhydrophobic and Superoleophobic Surfaces

  • Ice-Repellent surfaces

  • Solid-fouling resistant surfaces

  • Micro- and nanoparticle fabrication for drug delivery

  • Membrane separations and liquid-liquid extractions

  • Surface design for phase transition heat transfer enhancement

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We are a member of the Biointerfaces Institute, a collaborative multidisciplinary group of researchers. Our group is affiliated with the Materials Science and Engineering, Macromolecular Science and Engineering, and Chemical Engineering departments. Our laboratory is located in the University of Michigan North Campus Research Complex.


Latest News

2023 January

  • Tyler Olson joins Tuteja Lab as a PhD student! Welcome!

2022 December

  • Brian Macdonald, and Anish Tuteja publish their research on "Polysiloxane-Based Liquid-like Layers for Reducing Polymer and Wax Fouling" in Langmuir! Well done!

2022 October

  • Jianxing Sun joins Tuteja Lab as a postdoctoral researcher! Welcome!

2022 September

  • Yuxuan Deng, Brian Ho, and Alexa Goldstein join Tuteja Lab! Welcome!

2022 August

  • Abhishek Dhyani, Taylor Repetto, Sarah A Snyder, Catherine Snyder, and Anish Tuteja publish their research on "Surfaces with instant and persistent antimicrobial efficacy against bacteria and SARS-CoV-2" in Matter! Well done! Press coverage can be found here.

  • Brian Macdonald successfully defends her dissertation titled “Design and Application of Surfaces that control Liquid and Solid Fouling”! Congratulations and all the best Dr. Macdonald!!


Core Values of PSI Lab Group